Margot Parker MEP

Elected May 22nd 2014 to serve for a five year term until 2019

She will serve the counties of Lincolnshire,Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire

Margot is a member of UKIP, the UK’s fastest growing party. In the European Parliament she will sit with a group of like minded MEPs who have formed a group called the EFDD group. EFDD stands for European Freedom and Direct Democracy.

There are two European Parliaments One in Brussels  and one in Strasbourg. Margot travels to both locations to take part in the debates and to participate in the committees. Margot sits on the IMCO committee which stands for Internal Market and Consumer Protection and also the committee for  Gender Equality and Women’s Rights FEMM .These are two very important committees of the European Parliament. Particularly the IMCO as the Internal Market is the driving force of the European Project.

Margot has an office in Corby, in the Old Village at 44b High Street Corby NN17 1UU  where you are welcome to come and talk to the UKIP staff and Margot herself is usually there on Fridays when her work in the Parliament is over for the week. If you specifically wish to speak to Margot  please make an appointment to meet her. Or telephone Paul Oakden the UKIP Constituency Manager  on 07896 918 513 or the Corby Office number:  01536 204503 To email Margot: or use